Terms & Conditions

Ul of Sale and Delivery Terms

Article 1: Applicability

These terms and conditions are the terms and conditions applicable to each offer and contract between Zarenn .com (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and the buyer , unless the parties have separated from these terms and conditions by one or more provisions in express written terms.

The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the purchaser is clearly rejected here.

Article 2: Bids, contracts, prices

A non-binding offer; it may be canceled by the seller within 3 ( three ) business days from the date of receipt of the buyer's acceptance .

Prices given in the offer do not include sales taxes. The prices are given in Turkish Liras in the order of shipment from the warehouse in Bursa where the company's facility is located.

Seller reserves the right to regulate prices on a regular basis. In the case of orders placed after the new pricing date, it replaces the previous bid.

If the amount given in any order differs from the seller's standard package units or their multiples, the seller shall be entitled to provide a higher amount.

All weights and quantities given are net weights and quantities.

A bid or a contract of sale between the purchaser and the buyer shall not constitute a license to any intellectual property right on the goods sold or sold to the buyer and shall not be construed as a license implied in any form.

Article 3: Order documents

The Purchaser shall indicate in writing the information, technical specifications and documents required by the regulations of the country of delivery, when placing the order or upon the first request of the seller ;



Product related terms

International certifications and

There are other export documents or declarations.

Article 4: Good product and processing reservation

All deliveries are subject to the usual product and processing reservation. If the seller requests a valid product and transaction reservation reservation, the seller is not liable for delivery but will attempt to provide quantities or comparable alternatives within the rate. In the event that the seller opposes this reservation, the buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation in any form.


Article 5: Procurement

Certain rules will be applied in the procurement process. If no other contract is made, the shipment will be shipped from the warehouse in Bursa where the company's facility is located.

If the shipment is left to the seller, this will be done in the most appropriate manner by the seller. As a result of the buyer's special requests for transportation, the buyer will be charged the cost of all the costs incurred by the seller.

The buyer is not entitled to return the goods to the seller unless the seller allows it. The costs of possible return shipments are charged to the buyer account.


Article 6: Delivery time

Unless otherwise agreed, the goods shall be delivered within three weeks of the order date, provided that they are available in sufficient quantities from the goods ordered. However, the agreed delivery date is not the expiry date. In the event that a delivery has expired, the purchaser shall properly treat the seller in writing and give him reasonable time to fulfill the contract.




Article 7: Partial deliveries

Seller has the right to make partial deliveries of goods. However, this does not apply if the partial delivery does not have a value alone. In partial deliveries, the seller has the right to bill separately for each delivery.


Article 8: Payment

Payment term is within 30 days after the invoice date unless otherwise clearly agreed upon. By failing to comply with this requirement, the recipient automatically defaults; 3% of the monthly interest rate is applied to the buyer starting from the end of the due date over the amount overdue. In case of payment delay, the seller reserves the right to stop the delivery to the buyer.

At its discretion or otherwise liquidated officer, insolvency officer or director of the buyer's commencement of liquidation by itself against file for bankruptcy, opening the event of bankruptcy or konkordat case or receiver or receiver operation of the partial or total insolvency administration or by the buyer In cases where the payments are suspended, Buyer shall have the right to make the entire debt balance irrespective of the maturity date and the seller has the right to cancel any contract with the buyer without giving up any right.

If the partial payments are agreed and the buyer does not pay his debt in due time for a period, he shall pay the remaining debt irrespective of his term, immediately and without any further notice. Interest will be applied as stated in paragraph 1 of this article.

Bank charges will be charged to the recipient's account.


Article 9: Receivables collection

If the buyer fails to fulfill one or more of his obligations, all costs will be borne by the buyer.


Article 10: Liability

If a complaint made by the purchaser is justified by the seller, the seller shall, as far as possible, be at his sole discretion and eliminate the damage to replace the costs or replace the goods with non-defective goods. Buyer must provide full cooperation with the seller in such a case . The buyer is under an obligation to avoid any damage to the delivered goods, which is the subject of filing a complaint with the seller .

The seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from defective goods or including packaging, unless the result of fraud or gross negligence by the seller and / or employees .

In the event that the seller is liable for any damages incurred by the buyer, the seller's liability shall never exceed the amount of invoiced (excluding VAT) to the buyer for the respective delivery. In no event shall the Seller be liable for any indirect damages incurred by the buyer (including, but not limited to) indirect damage, loss of trade or loss of profit.

In no event shall the seller be liable for any damages caused by a delay in the delivery of the goods.

Any potential request based on these general terms and conditions will expire if no notice has been made in writing from the seller, if one year has passed from the delivery of the goods concerned.



Article 11: Use and warranty

Seller assures that the goods to be delivered by him will best meet the specifications. The product specifications specification is not guaranteed. If the delivered goods do not comply with the product specifications specified by the seller's catalog in the current sales season, the seller will inform the buyer about this.

The Supplier makes no warranties for the suitability of the goods delivered by the purchaser for the purposes specified by the purchaser.

Any warranty made by the seller in the event that the buyer has committed goods on the goods or caused them to be reimbursed, repackaged or repackaged, or misused, or misused, void

Seller shall not use, in any way, the use, sale, transfer or production of the goods delivered, or the use, sale, transfer, production or any possible action of the goods resulting from the delivery of the goods and / or the delivery of the goods to third parties. does not guarantee that it does not infringe any of its rights (intellectual property).

In the event that the seller can be held liable for any damages caused by an improvement carried out in accordance with the special request of the buyer, the liability of the seller shall be limited as far as possible and in its sole discretion, with the replacement of the goods or the withdrawal of the related goods.


Article 1 2 : Defects, complaint conditions

The buyer should inspect the goods as soon as possible at the time of delivery or after the delivery and inform the seller within eight days of delivery if the correct goods and / or agreed quantity are not delivered.

In the goods, complaints about visible defects, including packaging, must be reported to the seller in writing within eight days of the date the goods are delivered to the buyer. Invisible or hidden defects, including packaging of goods, must be reported in writing to the seller within eight days of the date when the alleged defects are discovered or reasonably discovered by the buyer. Complaints must be expressed in such a way that the seller or a third party can verify them, and the party must be filed with the delivery and invoice details. The buyer should indicate the conditions under which the goods are used and for whom the goods are sold. If the buyer's complaints are not reported to the seller in writing within the valid period specified above, the buyer is not entitled to any recovery, including any damages incurred.

Complaints regarding the seller's invoice must be given to the seller in writing within eight days of the date of receipt of the invoice. Making a complaint does not give the recipient the right to suspend the payment of the invoice.

Article 1 3 : Compensation guarantee

The buyer must be liable for damages caused by the goods supplied by the seller (alleged) or for the goods, including claims to be made by the seller with the capacity to become a manufacturer of the goods on the basis of an arrangement applicable to any country in respect of product liability, protects and protects against the claims and rights of third parties for compensation; the exception to this is that the damage has been caused by an abuse by the seller or by a serious breach by the seller.

Buyer shall make an adequate insurance against all possible claims and obligations arising from the assurance of compensation given in Article 1 3 . In the first request of the seller, the insurance must be sent to the seller for approval.



Article 1 4 : Force Majeure

Force majeure means conditions beyond the control of the seller which prevent or prevent the performance of the contract. These include, but are not limited to, the following: interruption in companies outside the vendor, illegal strikes or political coup in the company of the seller, raw materials required to fulfill the contract, general scarcity of other materials or services; unpredictable stagnation and general transport problems of suppliers and / or other third parties to which the seller is affiliated.

In the event of force majeure conditions, the seller shall inform the buyer as soon as possible.

If a force majeure condition lasts more than two months, both parties shall have the right to terminate the contract.

In the event of force majeure, the seller shall not be liable for any compensation.


Article 15 : Additional use / supervision

Buyer delivery of goods made another addition to production and / or yayılımsal does not have permission to use the material for reproduction.

If the delivered goods are sold to a third party, the buyer must impose this requirement on the penalty for damages to that third party.

Article 1 6 : Use of trademarks, logos and other symbols

The buyer may not use or register trademarks, logos and other symbols used by the vendor to distinguish their goods from the goods of other undertakings and may not use trademarks, logos or other symbols similar to these. This does not apply to the merchant's trading of merchandise provided with the original packaging materials with trademarks, logos or other symbols on the seller.

If the delivered goods are sold to a third party, the buyer must impose this requirement on the penalty for damages to that third party.



Article 1 6 : Replacement

If a provision of these general terms and conditions is invalid, then that provision shall be automatically replaced by a valid provision which is as close as possible to the meaning of the invalid provision.

In this case, the other provisions of the general terms and conditions shall remain valid as far as possible.

Article 17 : Dispute Resolution

In the event of any dispute arising out of bids and contracts where these terms and conditions apply or are linked, the parties shall resolve these disputes in a friendly manner. The court of first instance of the authorities in cases where disputes will be resolved and B ursae be able Enforcement offices.


Article 18 : Applicable law

All contracts between seller and buyer are subject to Turkish law.

Article 19 : Amount


The quantity of products to be purchased will be determined according to the seller and buyer's recommendations. This amount will be stated on the order form. This number should also be included in the order form. The deviation from the aforementioned starting point may have different consequences for the price.




Article 20 : Prices

Invoicing of the amount of product required will occur at one time upon delivery.